Mission-Critical architecture is a building with any activity, device, service, or system that cannot fail or be disrupted. Why are these buildings increasingly important to companies and what do you need to consider?

In the cloud

For many, cloud computing has become vital to their enterprise requirements. So, having a data centre which is able to block increasingly sophisticated hacking attempts is key. Whether the data centre is a building in its own right or part of a larger building, it needs to be efficient and technically sound.

Energy and cost considerations

Energy efficiency is high on the wish list for Mission-Critical centres too. So, a good Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio not only ticks the energy efficiency box, but it should be more financially sound too.

Mission-Critical procurement

Mission- Critical procurement can be challenging, with long lead times for the necessary equipment, for example.

With more than 40 years’ engineering experience, we’ve worked on a variety of Mission-Critical data centre projects, from small stand-alone projects to large scalable facilities all over the world.

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