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Mission-Critical projects

Organisations are increasingly reliant upon the availability of their digital resources. For many cloud computing has become vital to their enterprise requirements.

Systems that are integral to the operation of the organisation are referred to as “Mission-Critical” and are required to have the resilience to continue operate for over 99% of the year, minimising down-time.

JDA specialise in the Planning, Procurement, Design and Project Management of Mission-Critical systems, ensuring lean, efficient and technically sound data centre facilities. Emphasis is placed upon commercial requirements of the client to ensure maximum value is achieved. This would include availability requirements, time-scales and operating costs for both new and existing systems.

JDA work on a variety of Mission-Critical data centre projects from small stand-alone projects to large scalable facilities at locations all over the world.


We believe that a sustainable building is good for the planet and provides a healthy environment for its occupants.

Building appraisal, reuse of existing buildings, temporary condition surveys and discrimination studies are just some of the services we offer within this sector of our business.

We offer full mechanical and electrical design for new build, re-use of building or conversion from another type.

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What services do you provide?

We provide mechanical and electrical design engineering for new build and refurbishment residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Do you work worldwide?

We have extensive and current experience working in the UK, Europe and Asia.

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J Dunton Associates Ltd can provide a bespoke package whatever your requirements. Our design engineers come with a lifetime of experience on a wide range of projects.

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Our head office in 20 minutes outside of London. We have good transport links into London and surrounding airports.

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We really like to talk to our clients so if you would like to contact us please pick up the phone and call us (+44) 01277 353811



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